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Mud Rocket Stove

Haiti Rocket Stove

The Rocket Stove is an amazing development in fuel efficient cooking. Made with clay and organic material (like rice hulls or sawdust) this inexpensive stove can cook meals with small sticks and eliminate the need for cutting down trees.



.... are all you need to make a blazing hot fire. The insulated chimney burns wood gases, greatly reducing smoke and increasing heat for cooking and baking.

So come along with us and imagine building this fine little stove for your kitchen!

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Jon and Flip began building mud Rocket Stoves in 2009  hoping to slow down deforestation in countries like Haiti. With Larry Winiarski as their mentor, they kept tinkering with this fuel efficient/low emissions cook stove.  One idea led to another until they cooked up the Rocket Stove, Rocket Oven, Rocket Kiln and  Rocket Kitchen, all with mud.

A shout-out to Aprovecho Research Center for their stove  emissions testing and stove camp where  collaborative problem solving abounds.

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