Ten Principles

for Rocket Stove

This is a big change for us. It's a wonder.This doesn't look like anything we expected to be using. I'm very thankful for it.

Remi, local school teacher and stove technician


Insulate around the fire using lightweight,

       heat-resistant materials.


Place an insulated short chimney right above the fire to burn up the smoke and speed up the draft.


Heat and burn the tips of the sticks as they enter the fire to make flame, not smoke.


High and low heat are created by how many sticks are pushed into the fire.


Maintain a good fast draft from under the fire, up through the coals. Avoid allowing too much extra air  above the fire to cool it.


Too little draft being pulled into the fire will result in smoke and excess charcoal.


Keep unrestricted airflow by maintaining constant cross sectional area through the stove. The opening into the fire, the size of the spaces within the stove through which hot air flows, and the chimney should all be about the same size.


Use a grate

under the fire.


Insulate the heat flow path, from the fire, to and around the pot(s) or griddle.


Maximize heat transfer to the pot with properly sized gaps.

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