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Follow the "10 Principles"

There is more technology in these stoves than meets the eye.

  • Incoming air generates a very hot fire

  • An insulated chimney super-heats gases

  • Gases and particulate matter combust

  • Results: clean burning

  • Fuel efficient

Lomane & stove.JPG


Click on the photo albums below to read step by step instructions.

Clay Mixture

Insulating clay radiates heat back into the combustion chamber, increasing the temperature. Higher temperatures burn gases cleaner, reducing emissions and increasing fuel efficiency. This slideshow will explain how to make a durable, insulating clay mixture for your Rocket Stove.

Combustion Chamber

The insulated combustion chamber burns the oil and gases that create smoke, allowing these stoves to burn clean and cook food using less fuel. Below are photos showing how to make the combustion chamber for a mud Rocket Stove.

Fuel Intake/Base

Maintain a good fast draft from under the fire, up through the coals.

Pot Skirt

Pot skirts increase fuel efficiency dramatically. A small fire can have a BIG impact if you use a pot skirt to transfer all the heat to the cooking pot.


What happens when you build an oven on top of a clean burning Rocket Stove?

Click on the photo albums below to read step by step instructions.

Rocket Oven

This is our first mud oven. Larry Winiarski was our consultant. We have baked hundreds of pizzas in this oven as well as turkeys, pies, and roast vegetables.

TiBwa Oven

Mme Lomane's husband built her the first Rocket Oven in the village of TiBwa, Haiti. She now has a business selling fresh bread to her neighbors.

BBQ Oven

Attach a Rocket Stove to a Weber barbeque and what do you get?! A  very handy, portable oven that you can keep on your back porch.

Emily's Oven

This Rocket Oven was built near a kitchen garden under a rain proof cover.

ETHOS Presentation

What is the difference between a black oven and a white oven?

This slideshow is a helpful overview of many kinds of ovens.

Stove Camp Ovens

Aprovecho Research Center

challenged attendees of their summer stove camp to design and build fuel efficient, wood burning ovens.



Click on the photo albums below to read step by step instructions.

Photo Album

Neighbor pigs could ruin a stove by knocking it over so we tried protecting the stove by embedding it in a

kitchen counter.


People who build their houses with local materials can quickly see the possibilities of building a Rocket Kitchen. Here is a video that sparked their imagination.

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